I haven’t updated this blog in a while and it took me a while to find the repository. And to my shock it was still in bitbucket, I haven’t been there in ages! Surely most of us have already moved our private and personal git repos over to github now that it’s free to host private repositories there. It’s just so much nicer place in my opinion. Well, to make it more enjoyable to update this blog in the future, I decided to move the repository to github.

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Private bitbucket repository as npm dependency In a way that it still works in your choice of Continuous Integration tools. The Hard Way By using BitBucket’s SSH deployment keys. Tom Spencer has written a great post about this and I’ve used his method succesfully. There’s nothing wrong his this approach, I just found it very complicated (for my specific use case) because it requires generating SSH keys, setting them up in BitBucket, and adding extra scripts in your dependant project that set up the SSH keys in the build environment before it can execute npm install.

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